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Key element of a chain leading to increase of sales in any fmcg industry company is proper display of an exposition with optimal product arrangement. But how to achieve this with  limited amount of traders? How to optimize their work and motivate them, so the highest standards are effectively maintained?

We will deliver answers to questions

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    What products are in store?

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    To what extent a planogram is implemented?

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    How much are shelf shares?

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    Are pos materials visible?

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    Is promotional campaign properly executed?

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    Has additional exposition been built properly?

Examples of previous implementations:

    • Dashboard aplikacji
    • We were conducting two projects with pro business solutions company – shelf audit and promotion communication via external sms gateway launched for distributors.

      The audit was based on pictures taken during a visit of our employees in store. Thanks to this solution, the audit was objective and there was no doubt about the store’s assessment.

      Luiza Kozłowska Trade Marketing Manager
      Red Bull Sp. z o.o.

    • Dashboard aplikacji
    • We began cooperation with Pro Business Solutions in March, 2015. Within the cooperation we used proprietary PRO.Display system. The system allows us to monitor a number of actions carried out by our field sales department. Using the pictures transferred into the system the guidelines on the Sales Representatives’ work are checked. The correctness of the reported applications is verified by the PRO.Display system and operators of the Pro Business Solutions substantively prepared for this task Operators of the Pro Business Solutions. The system shows high accuracy in evaluating applications.

      While cooperating with us, the Pro Business Solutions company has proven to be reliable and trustworthy business partner fully deserving our recommendation.

      CEDC International sp. z o.o.

    • Dashboard aplikacji
    • Within cooperation we use proprietary PRO.Display system, which among other things allow to verify the correctness of implementing the expositions on or outside the shelves. Thanks to this system the expositions are verified in terms of accordance with a picture of success set by us.

      (...) Pro Business Solutions Company reacted quickly on every demand by Coca-Cola HBC Poland LLC and the implemented projects have optimized the work of our team. The company’s asset is the qualified staff and individual approach.

      Tomasz Bednarski Dyrektor ds. Trade Marketingu
      Coca–Cola HBC Polska Sp. z o.o.

    • Dashboard aplikacji
    • Our co-operation with Pro Business Solutions began in May 2014. Within this co-operation, we are using the proprietary software, PRO.Display. The system allows to verify the operating of the local sales department through photographs sent to it. (...) On this basis, detailed reports are prepared for us presenting monthly results achieved by our employees.

      As a business partner, Pro Business Solutions is characterised by great professionalism and individual approach to the needs of their customers.

      Marek Magnowski Instore Execution Manager

    • Dashboard aplikacji
    • During works on implementation of the system, all of our remarks considering performance were taken into account.

      Thanks to excellent Pro Business Solutions’ understanding of FMCG and IT solutions markets, company was able to propose unheard and innovative solutions facilitating work and lowering system operation costs at the same time.

      Mars Polska

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PRO.Display in numbers

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    Over 3 500 000 verified photos

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    58 systems running at this point, following during startup

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    99% guaranteed correctness of verification

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    Over 5 000 users

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    Analysis of 1 to 100 parameters (even more if necessary)

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    Over 100 000 audits per month/project

How does PRO.display work?

  • We are receiving a submission

    Pictures can be uploaded to the system by:

    • Mobile app

    • Website 

    • Email /

  • We are accessing a submission

    An ability of assessment of following submission categories:

    • Products

    • Shares

    • POSM

  • We are preparing reports

    Unparalleled scale of reliable reporting:

    • Constant, periodic,
      for it systems, custom

    • Detailed statistics 

    • Is used as a base for
      cooperation with a store

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PRO.Display is a system for shelves and exposition audit. It can also be used for reporting the extent of planogram implementation. supports organization of motivational programs for sales representatives.