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About PRO.Display system

A system for monitoring the actual quality of exposition and execution of activities based on artificial intelligence and image recognition.

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PRO.Display monitors
key business parameters:


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Download Business Case regarding our projects



Increase in sales and profit due to the display quality at the point of sale


Actual and transparent image of the market that facilitates quick reactions to the competition


Improvement of key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Gaining market share
  • Faster marketing of new products
  • Certaintly that merchandising standards are met
  • Minimising shortages at points of sale
  • Reporting that facilitates analysis and management

Increase in the efficiency of sales calls thanks to shorter reporting time


Efficient merchandising management


Contractual performance monitoring

We operate
in these countries

We provide services all over the world


Increasing sales efficiency!

The PRO.Display app allows you to efficiently check and obtain reliable information on the extent and quality of the implementation of display standards for your products and/or services in all sale zones in the store. By supporting the profitability of operations, you optimise the work and increase the effectiveness of your Sales Team.


A simple tool to check the actual situation on the market via Image Recognition

  • 1

    Scanning of product exposition

  • 2

    KPI Analysis

  • 3

    Management reports

  • 4

    Business decisions made by managers

  • 5

    Correction of field actions


Safe financial settlement
  • Our settlement is based on the number of entries, not photos.
  • One entry per display is a collection of all photos of a given display in a given store taken during a visit.
  • From the financial point of view, it does not matter whether you need 3 photos for a shelf report for store A, and 8 photos in store B. For us, it's one entry.
  • Sometimes an entry to check the share of shelf space of a category contains 20 photos, which PRO.Display combines into a panoramic picture.
Communication with a sales rep/transparency

Transparent communication with a Sales Rep:

  • Online access to all entries and their assessment
  • The possibility of reporting complaints that are considered and explained by our Helpdesk via Sales Rep.
The option of connecting PRO.Display with our PRO.Exposition Planogramming system

The option of verifying planograms and their implementation in accordance with specified parameters.

Our experience
  • We are happy to provide you with letters of recommendation and put you in touch with our clients who have agreed to share their opinion on cooperation with us at your request.
  • We cooperate with numerous international companies and we know how to meet their ambitious standards.
  • Our current cooperation with our clients encompasses many categories, including drinks, juices, sweets, impulse goods in the checkout area, pet food, cleaning products, cosmetics, and coffee. We even go beyond the FMCG industry and work for pharmaceutical product manufacurers, construction chemicals industry, and more. The list of categories we work with is continuously growing.
  • Our system offers easy scaling for other markets, so clients using our services in one country may easily use them elsewhere.
The system that requires minimum involvement from employees during their day-to-day work
  • All you need to do is take a picture of a task completed at a point of sale.
  • An average picture quality will suffice, no special brightness, colour saturation, or light reflexes are required. Slight blurring is not a problem.
  • You do not have to open the refrigerator doors to analyse the display of a product in refrigerators.
  • To provide a standard for veryfication just use the materials that have already been prepared for the Sales Department that show the tasks and method of their fulfilment. There is no need to create any additional documents.
The system can download pictures from various sources

You have the ability to fully integrate the activities of various Sales Department structures:

  • MMS
  • Integration with any SFA or CRM system
  • Upload via website
  • Email
  • Via a separate FTP
The system does not require any special hardware

A system without special hardware requirements:

  • Every mobile device available on the market and equipped with a camer
  • Photos can be taken and delivered using a tablet or mobile devices running Android, iOS, or Windows Phone
Versatile use

The system allows you to check a set of KPIs of your choice in real time. The control can encompass:


Assessment of shelf display:

  • Indication of neighbouring categories, e.g. the presence of baked goods
  • The category's of shelf space in comparison to any other category (area, numberof SKUs)
  • The visibility of products on a shelf - presence of products in hot zones
  • Number of products facing the client in comparaison to any other product of the competition
  • Presence of relevant POSs in the right places

Verification of additional sales displays:

  • Compatibility of the display and the target
  • Correct stocking of the display
  • Location of the display in the store
  • Promotional price verification
  • Share in floor displays

Assessment of checkout, counter, and refrigerator displays, and more.

Highly reliable assessment

No less than 95% accuracy after 3 months of cooperation


System development

PRO.Display helps our Customers


Annual average growth ratio +73%


Jan Tarachowicz

“Thanks to PRO.Display control of real effects in the field is possible. It allows also to monitor the pace of implementation of a single activation.”

Jan Tarachowicz

Sales Manager Kompania Piwowarska

Tomasz Bednarski

“Pro Display tool helps to validate the implemented exposition. It was also supplemented by further options, which fulfills its tasks even better.”

Tomasz Bednarski

Manager Coca-Cola Poland

Sławomir Paszkiewicz

“The PRO.Display system allows you to determine the presence of products on display and shelves in the store, based on photos as a medium of store information.”

Sławomir Paszkiewicz

Sales Director Henkel Polska

Stanisław Krucki

“The PRO.Display system helps to monitor and accurately account merchants during competitions and sales campaigns.”

Stanisław Krucki

Marketing Manager Orangina Schweppes

Jacek Borowiecki

“The PRO.Display system is used to measure and record the exposure of our products at points of sale.”

Jacek Borowiecki

Sales Operations Manager Trodat Polska

Marek Magnowski

“As a business partner, Pro Business Solutions is characterized by great professionalism and individual approach to customer needs.”

Marek Magnowski

Instore Execution Manager Groupe SEB Polska

Tomasz Budziński

“The creativity, credibility, and personalized approach of Pro Business Solutions to the customer makes it a worthy business partner.”

Tomasz Budziński

Managing Director Mapa Spontex Polska

The company’s management

“PRO Business Solutions has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy business partner that fully deserves our recommendation.”

The company’s management

--- Cedc International

Łukasz Chałaczkiewicz

“The PRO.Display system has allowed us to leapfrog the quality of our product exposure and translate into increased resale at point-of-sale.”

Łukasz Chałaczkiewicz

Sales Director COTY Polska

Tomasz Zawora

“PRO.Display system is flexible - it enables to verify parameters which are dedicated to given shop chains and to change the scope of a project, tailoring to our needs.”

Tomasz Zawora


Anita Lewandowska

“Pro Business Solutions Company proved to be a credible, professianal and creative business partner. The key characteristic of the PBS Company is a thorough understanding of the FMCG industry' specific nature.”

Anita Lewandowska

National Trade Marketing Manager RED BULL

Radosław Miśkiewicz

“We are pleased to cooperate with the PBS, because we receive comprehensive service thanks to which we can monitor the level of implementation of our standards and the quality of our field sales department.”

Radosław Miśkiewicz

Member of the Board TBM

Katarzyna Tajs

“Service at a very high level, great involvement and willingness to help for all new ideas.”

Katarzyna Tajs

Senior Trade Marketing Specialist MASPEX

Miłosz Sławow

“The PRO.Display system allows us to verify products on shelves and additional exposures, assessing them according to pre-set standards, based on standard-made photos.”

Miłosz Sławow

Trade Marketing Menager Teva Pharmaceuticals

Paweł Marszałkiewicz

“Cooperation with ProDisplay has translated into a significant improvement in the quality of displays in supported stores. We monitor the results using customized Power BI reports and analyze in detail through the ability to view photos.”

Paweł Marszałkiewicz

Regional Sales Manager CPD L’Oreal Polska Sp. z o.o.

Agnieszka Kałduńska

“Objective information on the distribution, level of detail of the report - up to the SKU level.”

Agnieszka Kałduńska

Head of Trade Marketing TREFL SA

Ilona Kania

“I rate the customer service by PBS as perfect.”

Ilona Kania

Senior specialist
for Commercial marketing TBM Sp. z o.o.

Wiktor Nikliborc

“As the numbers have shown today, the cooperation we conduct is beneficial for both parties: The tool provided by you helps us achieve quality objectives at the assumed level.”

Wiktor Nikliborc

Specialist. POSM MASPEX

Mateusz Kamionka

“The PRO.Display tool is an effective way to professionally validate the quantitative and qualitative standard of the shelf exposition. The best proof is the fact that we have decided to integrate the results of reports verified on the PRO.Display platform with our SFA system.”

Mateusz Kamionka

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